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OFW Loan Without Collateral

By masterofthe · January 3, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Is there really such a thing as the OWWA loan - OFW loan without collateral anymore these days? This is the big question today as I enter a new arena and stage in my life trying to become one of the best loan consultants in the Philippines. I know for one that very few would allow to know how it works in the system of the lending companies in the Philippines for Pinoys but today, as I receive at least 20 calls and texts combined asking if they could file for the 'Balik Manggagawa' loan for overseas Filipino workers.

Wow! this must be a hectic day for the OWWA, I think because they should be the first ones to offer the loan to all workers abroad without any hesitation but no, this was not really being promoted by the government to all. The system could only work for those few Pinoys who knows their way on getting through with the services of the government and letting themselves get the education on how to file for the OFW loan. It's a sad affair for me because all governments and I really mean all without any excemptions to all the previous and current presidents of the Philippines. I hope somebody someday finds their way to help our fellow kababayans whose name have been boasted out and used and abused with the saying "OFWs are the number one provider of the Philippines source of dollar and economy".

Bakit walang pag asa ang kapulisan in the Philippines

By masterofthe · January 3, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

So is there no hope for the Philippine National Police? I'm sure there are a number of reasons for now but I do believe that if there will ever be a one true policeman who will handle things and really put to his heart to correct all the misgivings that the service provides to the people, there will never be another policeman in the Philippines who will be said out with words on their back again by the citizenship.

I came to say this because of an incident that made me think that if you want to report a crime in the Philippines, you better do it with the priest instead. I came accrosss with one of the worst situation ever in my life believing that the police is the protector of all and should uphold the pride of their line but what I saw tonight was really worth more than puking in front of the uniformed men. It's because there was a literally - "saklaan" (a type of gambling arena where there were policemen tonight as I report a crime of indescriminate firing.

Nobody attended to my call and nobody even dared to do things their way according to what these men have pledged to do. I was a disgrace to some if not all and I hope these kinds of situation doesn't happen everywhere.

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Just a thought of my own backyard garden

By masterofthe · September 20, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I've been inkling for far too long to be able to improve the overall look of our small backyard garden in Caloocan and I am still not sure to this point what I can do to get some improvements going for the plants set up. At first I thought maybe a bit of landscape could help it get a new look but I guess it's not enough for the garden.

We already have a few vegetables growing on the open soil and we also have some fruits like guyabano and pomelo but what lacks is the fact that the topsoil is a bit much of a sandy loam and lesser of the organic content. I will be looking forward to use some vermicast from the small worm bin that I put up 3 weeks ago but the harvest is still a month away so we'll have to wait and see what happens in the next few weeks if there will be good amount to harvest of vermicast to use. Updates will come soon1

My own vermiculture bin set up in the Philippines

By masterofthe · September 20, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I was so happy that I have finally come up with the idea to buy me 10 kilos of vermicast. This is the waste material from worms in a worm farm we usually call as vermifarm. Now, I've just made my own set up of vermiculture in the Philippines and I am glad that upon buying me 1 kilo of African Nightcrawlers, I was able to grow in a fast pace the number of my worms. Eventually, I'll be looking forward to sell them too and also come up with a lot of vermicast for my backyard garden here at home in Caloocan City.

For those of you who wants to buy vermicast or ANC, you can always come over to me but I can only sell you limited stocks of it as I have just started my own small worm farm set up too. If you like it, you can always visit the farm where I bought my ANC and my pure vermicast at Bgy Masaya in Bay Laguna. There were lots of them selling vermicast there that you simply can't miss them all because if the sun is up, you'll be able to see them trying to dry up their castings harvest for the day or for the week to sell them later at a price range (if you ask me how much it cost) of Php 7.00 - Php 15.00 per kilo. Vermiculture Technology Training is one of the growing and fast paced effective way to do organic farming help to the society for self-sustainability.

Korina Sanchez in Rated K gives scholarship to kids

By masterofthe · October 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Korina Sanchez through her regular weekly program Rated K just gave kids with excellent scholastic records their very own scholarship grants. Apart from this, the program also gave their regular weekly tsinelas or slippers to kids without slippers in their quest to have the whole Philippines walking with slippers (kids).

Undefeated boxer Omar Narvaez fights Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire

By masterofthe · October 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

We will soon witness the Narvaez vs Donaire live stream boxing match and I am personally going to make sure that I am subscribed to the upcoming boxing match. This is going to be an exciting one as Donaire likes to fight boxers who are up to fight toe to toe with him while Narvaez on the other hand is somebody who is hungry with respect and wants to establish his name not just by being the undefeated fighter but by beating the latter.

Let us see what happens on October 23, 2011 in the fighting arena of Madison Square Garden in WaMu Theater. On the other hand, Pinoys are also rejoicing and excited to see the upcoming Pacquiao vs Marquez III fight. This will also definitely seal doubts who is the true winner between the two.

ABS-CBN features live UAAP Season 74 finals game 2 Ateneo Vs FEU

By masterofthe · October 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Nowadays, following seeing the ABS-CBN dwell stream protection of previous week's postponed UAAP Season 74 finals sport 2 which was between ADMU (Ateneo de Manila University) and Feu (Far Eastern University), I used to be convinced that once the 4th quarter arrives at the conclude in the game minutes, Ateneo will bag the championship.

I used to be right in any case because when the end in the video game arrived and after the staff improved their protection as unveiled by coach Norman Black, they had been by now a action in advance in excess of their rival FEU Tamaraws.

If the crew shots were practically uncontested and likely appropriate in the middle with the basket, In the long run, the Blue Eagles remained composed prevailed. Which has a lengthy margin while in the turnout with the last score 82-69, Ateneo did not just win, they joined another rival, UST to have the 4th championship and turn out to be one with the winningest teams within the school basketball teams in the Philippines.

Ikea Laminate Flooring: Fundamental Demands and Tools in Installing

By masterofthe · September 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·
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Ikea flooring is one of the most appealing and stylish design and style for the flooring. Using this readily available, there exists a significant boost in individuals seeking to set up and also have their own ikea flooring but absence the abilities to possess it integrated. In case you location do it yourself type, this short article might be capable of assist you out on your own task to setup that fantastically created wood floor inspiration. Whether or not you might be relatively inexperienced in renovating otherwise you entirely really do not possess the knowledge, here are some guidelines I desired to obtain for you therefore the expertise of putting in that laminate can be a brisk.

Keep in mind 1st you start with the true installation that ikea laminate flooring planks are built to snap with each other easily even without the use of glue nevertheless the installation procedure might present you with a tough time since the method will probably want additional energy, particularly if you might have a floor approach which is a tad complex compared to other folks or should you currently have irregular contours and gaps or designs. Even with each one of these, remember that virtually any person who can certainly utilize hand instruments can learn the basic actions to put in Ikea laminate flooring.

Basic resources you will need include, rolls of floor-lining foam, hammer, wooden scraps, duct tape, saw, t-square (used by draftsman and architects), measuring tape plus a little crowbar.

Miss Universe 2011 Live Streaming online channel ABS-CBN replay in Studio 23

By masterofthe · September 12, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Miss Universe 2011 live stream right now is scheduled to become revealed above at ABS-CBN channel two, September 13, 2011 at precisely 9:thirty AM. So for those who want to enjoy the live celebration from Sao Paulo Brazil, Tune in to ABS-CBN inside the said time timetable.

Within the other hand, if you can't enjoy the celebration about the time timetable, you may achieve this for that live streaming replay of Miss Universe 2011 more than at Studio 23 of channel 23 later on tonight September 13, 2011 at about nine:thirty PM. This can be very good for many who can not observe the occasion because they've perform to show up at to.

Sign up for Paypal account here

By masterofthe · July 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·
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It was such a great day today for me as I was able to finally find what I've been looking for a couple of weeks ago and that is the Paypal sign up page. I wanted to have my own account as I learned I could earn from blogging alone. Finally, I was able to find the Paypal sign up page and get to have my own account under review now and for approval.